Spark Prompts – Fear the Light

A chill rippled through my spine as I tried to take in his words. Fear the light? Why would anyone do that? “If the light is what I should fear, how am I survive? I can’t be stuck in the shadows with you forever.” The leather of his jacket creaked as he pulled away. He [...]


Embracing Change

Here it is again – that time of transition, the change of yet another season. And, no, it’s not just the weather. To be perfectly honest, the past two years have been a struggle for me. Balancing our growing family, dealing with rejection, and multiple lay-offs, I can admit that stress has been at an [...]

Why I Still Blog (And Why You Should Too!)

Hey there, writer friends. I know that some are under the belief that blogging is outdated. But it's not! Today, I'm discussing all my reasons for continuing to blog after all these years.   Feel free to watch it here:   If you have a blog, what has kept you going after all this [...]

Exposed Secrets

If you've been following my writing journey across my social media platforms (if you aren't, no worries! You can check it out here: ) then you already know that I've been fast drafting and working on a "secret project" for the month of March. What exactly is a secret project? I'm glad you asked. [...]

The Writer’s Toolbox Unboxing/Responses

  Hey there! In my latest YouTube video, I did a special unboxing of The Writer's Toolbox. If you missed it, no worries! You can watch it here and then read below for my responses to each exercise:   Exercise Responses:  Exercise One Response: After only two months, Helen decided to become an exotic [...]