Spark Prompts – Fear the Light

A chill rippled through my spine as I tried to take in his words. Fear the light? Why would anyone do that? “If the light is what I should fear, how am I survive? I can’t be stuck in the shadows with you forever.” The leather of his jacket creaked as he pulled away. He [...]

Spark Prompts – Photographs

I'm positive Mom would've killed me if she knew about me stealing this box from under her bed. The brass lock engaged ensured that she didn’t want anyone to see its contents.   But I had to know the truth.   Prying that cheap lock open proved to be harder than I thought. After half [...]

Spark Prompts – Snowfall

She wasn’t always this way though. Sometimes she would whisper sweet lies into my ear, the same sweet lies I told myself over and over until I accepted them as truth. We used to sprawl ourselves onto the snow like it was our own fluffy bed, our undying love for one another keeping us warm. [...]

Spark Prompts 30 – Cards

Magic is thrilling, at times breathtaking, yet it is not always through elaborate stunts and theatrical performances. Sometimes the greatest tricks can come from a simple deck of cards. Here’s my response to this week’s prompt: The magician fanned the deck out in front of Petra, the cards shining against the bright light. It was [...]

Spark Prompts 29 – Pie

Are things ever as easy as pie? Some characters like to think so. Here's my response: "Come on, it will be as easy as pie," she said with a wink. Marsela crossed her arms, the stiff folds of her lab coat crinkling. She took a step forward, her head cocked to the side as she [...]

Spark Prompts 28 – Different

For this week, I wanted to focus on the opportunity for our characters to be able to make a change. How can your character transform into something different? Here's my response:   "I'm going to be different, just you wait and see," she whispered into the woods. Fingers curled into fists, swinging at her sides [...]

Spark Prompts 27 – Entrance

How a character enters a scene can really dictate the mood and theme of the story. Do they stubble into the room? Are they enjoying a cup of coffee early in the morning? Either way, this week’s prompt allows us to let our characters enter with a bang. Here’s my response:   The air around [...]