Spark Prompts – Photographs

I'm positive Mom would've killed me if she knew about me stealing this box from under her bed. The brass lock engaged ensured that she didn’t want anyone to see its contents.   But I had to know the truth.   Prying that cheap lock open proved to be harder than I thought. After half [...]

In These Jeans

I’d rather chew on rocks than give up these jeans. It’s not because of the perfect way they cling to my curves. It’s not because I saved up for years to afford them. Hell, the money I’d spent on the sneakers laced up on my feet could’ve bought three pairs of the same jeans. But [...]

Spark Prompts – Snowfall

She wasn’t always this way though. Sometimes she would whisper sweet lies into my ear, the same sweet lies I told myself over and over until I accepted them as truth. We used to sprawl ourselves onto the snow like it was our own fluffy bed, our undying love for one another keeping us warm. [...]