Writers to Follow: Interview with Emily Field

A new video in my Writers to Follow series is up and ready to watch! You can view it or feel free to read the transcript below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY2Bcp5T4oM     Hey everyone! I am back again doing another Writers to Follow interview and so today I am going to be speaking with the lovely and [...]


Spark Prompts 30 – Cards

Magic is thrilling, at times breathtaking, yet it is not always through elaborate stunts and theatrical performances. Sometimes the greatest tricks can come from a simple deck of cards. Here’s my response to this week’s prompt: The magician fanned the deck out in front of Petra, the cards shining against the bright light. It was [...]

Spark Prompts 29 – Pie

Are things ever as easy as pie? Some characters like to think so. Here's my response: "Come on, it will be as easy as pie," she said with a wink. Marsela crossed her arms, the stiff folds of her lab coat crinkling. She took a step forward, her head cocked to the side as she [...]

Spark Prompts 26 – Escape

  This week is all about escape, whether it be to a “happy place” or somewhere where your characters can hide. Here’s my response: Her shoulders dropped to the floor with an exaggerated shrug. “Sometimes, it’s not that easy, Mike.” He glanced at the chains bound around his wrists, the edge of the digging into [...]

Spark Prompts 17 – Freedom

Here's this week's Spark Prompts to spark that creativity of yours. You can read my response below: She rested her elbows against the table’s edge. Her spine popped as she sat up straight. A fake smile parted her lips. “Because I say it will work,” she said. He slicked back his dark brown hair. “You, [...]

#LennReads – Review of Drifting

I was pleased to be able to read an ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of Drifting, the next book in the Sinking trilogy by Sarah Armstrong Garner which releases this week. You can read my review of Sinking here. Once again, how gorgeous is this cover?! The journey continues and I’m happy to give you a [...]

Spark Prompts #2 – Extraordinary

Her laughter shot up to the treetops, threatening to reveal their location. “That’s the most preposterous thing I’ve heard all day!” His gaze met the tips of his leather boots, her words shrinking him further than his three-foot dwarven stature. A twig snapped underneath his heel as he swept the forest floor. “So much for [...]