Why I Still Blog (And Why You Should Too!)

Hey there, writer friends. I know that some are under the belief that blogging is outdated. But it's not! Today, I'm discussing all my reasons for continuing to blog after all these years.   Feel free to watch it here: https://youtu.be/BX0PWJx8ZNs   If you have a blog, what has kept you going after all this [...]


Five Reasons You Should Handwrite Your First Draft

With technology literally being at our fingertips, most writers have exchanged pen and paper with keyboards. However, there are a few of us old-school writers out there who maintain handwritten drafts. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should handwrite your first draft: 1. Quiets the Inner Editor.  Picture this, you've set aside time [...]

Spark Prompts 19 – Anger

I’ve been trying to focus more on describing emotions in my writing. This week I wanted to challenge myself by describing how an emotion would taste. Here’s my response: The burger flopped onto the plate, thick mounds of red sauce splattering the plate like a crime scene. Licking his lips, Jack searched for the nearest [...]

Spark Prompts 17 – Freedom

Here's this week's Spark Prompts to spark that creativity of yours. You can read my response below: She rested her elbows against the table’s edge. Her spine popped as she sat up straight. A fake smile parted her lips. “Because I say it will work,” she said. He slicked back his dark brown hair. “You, [...]

Spark Prompts 13 – Adventures

Adventure waits for your characters this week. Where will they find themselves? Here’s my response: Devon shoved his hands in his pockets. They stood on the corner of the street waiting for the pedestrian light to shine. He kicked the pavement sending peddles flying into the street of rushing cars. Charlie never led him on [...]

Guest Post: Interview with Shelby Bunker

This week I have a special guest post for you guys! I had the opportunity to interview Shelby Bunker, freelance editor and creator of The Writing Pal. Here we talk about the value of hiring an editor and other writing resources. Enjoy!   Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Shelby Bunker, and [...]