Behind the Book – with Derek A Kamal


Getting a new book is always exciting for me.  The cover art (amazing right?!) alone drew me to this adventure.  When I heard the story was based off a roleplaying game, I was even more excited and needed to know more about this book.  I had the opportunity to sit down with Derek A Kamal to discuss his newly self-published book, Homes.

Inspired by The Hobbit and Dwarf Fortress, Kamal created a fantasy story set where we find Gram, a grumpy dwarf, who finds himself at the crux of a yearlong exile from his homeland. Just as Gram begins his year of banishment, he learns that The Homes is threatened by enemies.  Kamal describes Homes as a story of self discovery, findings your roots, and establishing one’s identify.

What sets Homes apart from other fantasy stories is that it’s not as serious or lengthy but instead filled with whimsy and the art of ancient storytelling.  And plenty of taverns and drinking.  I’m already several chapters in and enjoying Gram’s adventures.  So if you’re looking for a lighthearted fantasy look no further than Homes.  To my fellow gamers, if you fall in love with the story (which you will), be sure to check out The Dig: A Roleplaying Game, set in the world of The Homes.

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Kamal is a teacher in Georgia who lives with his wife and two daughters.  In addition to writing, Kamal enjoys cooking, roleplaying games, listening to metal, and applying spiritual perspective into various forms of art.  He is currently working on two roleplaying games, as well as writing more poetry.

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