Hi there!  My name is Samantha, but my middle name is Lenn (after my granddad) which I used to be embarrassed by but now I embrace.  I created LennWrites as a means of a creative outlet, as well as motivation for me to pursue my passion of writing.  For too many years I have written partial novels, one-act scenes, and short stories but haven’t done anything with them.  I decided my stories should no longer be my own, and with that, LennWrites was born.

My love for tea and stories has led to many late nights and early mornings with my nose in a book and hot mug in my hand.  I adore reading and writing steampunk and fantasy stories that integrate clouds and adventure with relatable characters.  And tea.  Of course tea.

So I invite you to my thoughts, feelings, and stories here on this site.  Whether I’m sharing pieces I’ve written or sharing where to find the best place for chicken wings, I hope you enjoy my stories and characters just as much as I do.  And I recommend you enjoy a beverage as you read.  My vote is for tea ­:)

About This Girl:

She goes by her middle name.  Her passion is writing.  She’s an avid tea drinker who craves spicy food and shooting arrows.  You’ll find her writing, baking, reading, crocheting, quoting movies/shows, and loving on her family.