The Writer’s Toolbox Unboxing/Responses



Hey there! In my latest YouTube video, I did a special unboxing of The Writer’s Toolbox. If you missed it, no worries! You can watch it here and then read below for my responses to each exercise:


Exercise Responses: 


Exercise One Response:

After only two months, Helen decided to become an exotic dancer. It’s not how her mother raised her. It’s not a longing she ever thought she’d have. But God did bless her with ample hips and times were desperate.

She wanted a new name. Helen wasn’t the kind of showgirl name that screamed “worship me.” Her thumb scrolled through the long list of baby names on her phone as she packed her purse full of cosmetics and hair products. And glitter – all the glitter.

She tossed her phone down on top of her bag. The screen flashed with the time. 7:45 p.m.

Dammit. I’m going to be late if I don’t hurry up.

Scrambling like eggs in a pan, Helen collected her belongings and rushed down the steps of her apartment to her car. Well, as fast as one could in 6-inch heels.

Working late did mean that she wasn’t forced to sit in heavy traffic. Turned out, there were perks to this new gig. But her hands trembled against the steering wheel.

Focus, Helen. You can do this. Just a couple of weeks of this and you’ll be out of the hole. No, correction – his hole.

He was skating on thin ice – that’s all I can say.

Helen almost hated herself for falling in love with Jesse Therbock. His sweet smile and kind words masked the fact that he was horrible with money. Always looking for a quick buck that Jesse was. But Helen loved him and he loved her. If this new nightly adventure got them to where they wanted to be then so be it.

She pulled into the parking lot of Glitter Bunnies. Only a few cars showed up this early. In a few hours though, this place would be packed. Which meant there were plenty of customers ready to dish out bills to hungry piranha girls. And she was the hungriest of them all.

A man greeted her at the front entrance. “Checking in?”

Helen draped her long curls behind her shoulder. “Damn straight.”

“And you are?”

She looked down at her white sparkling heels before staring into the man’s blue eyes. “Snowy Day.”

“Hm, that’s cute.” He cracked the door open. “Go on in.”

Helen sucked in her last breath of fresh air. If only she hadn’t forgotten to pay that bill, she would’ve ever have been here. Oh well, the show must go on.


Exercise Two Response:

A can of Easy Cheese: manufactured, processed, bright orange, tastes like regret, cheap, liquid cheesy paste, addictive to some but harmful to all

The feel of Spandex: stretched, tight, suffocating, necessary, digging into my skin, firm, sturdy, confining, trap, transforming

Moldy Oranges: green, white, orange, wrinkly, decay, putrid, acidic, last week’s lunchbox leftovers


Exercise Three Response:

Protagonist: Leora, who loves to visit Israel

Goals: To be the great seducer

Action: Takes up dancing

Obstacles: Fear of heights


Of all the boys to fall for, Leora just had to be in love with Israel. Everyone knew him. How could they not? The best DJ this side of the Mississippi was all anyone could talk about anymore.

She wanted to be seen by him. Did he even know her name? She pouted her lips as she painted them red. It didn’t matter. He’d know who she was by the end of the night.

Tonight was the final night of his featured weekend at the outdoor arena. Leora saw him last night but couldn’t summon enough courage to even sing along to his music. Crowds pushed against her all high on the electronic beats blasting from the speakers. Tonight wouldn’t be any different. Except she was about to die for him.

Just as expected, hundreds of cars circled the barrage of people. Bright colors flashed. Leora slid her way through the crowd until she got close enough to Israel.

His head bobbed as his hands worked the switchboard. The deep bass line thumped in her chest, like he was plucking her heartstrings with a purpose. Maybe he saw her now she wouldn’t have to conquer the one thing she feared.


No, he couldn’t hear her. Not with this many people. Not with this infectious beat in everyone’s ears.

Leora withdrew herself from the waves of people drunk on Israel’s music. She slid her hand against the metal pole.

If I could just get higher…

Then maybe he’d notice her. She’d spread her arms out like an angel and he would want her.

Leora sucked in a breath and gripped the spokes sticking out of the pole. Her lips quaked. Her blood ran cold.

Just don’t look down.

Up she climbed, determined to get Israel’s attention. She shook her head as she gripped another spoke.

The things we do for love.


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