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Hey everyone! I am back again doing another Writers to Follow interview and so today I am going to be speaking with the lovely and talented, Emily Field, who is an amazing writer. She’s also my critique partner and one of my dear, dear friends, so thank you so much Emily for joining us!


Hi Lenn! Thanks so much for having me.

It’s my pleasure having you. So, first things first, can you tell us a little about who you are and about your writing?

I’m Emily Field and I write adult/young adult science fiction/fantasy. My first book was a paranormal romance, however, um, and it’s about mermaids, so my writing kind of tends to kind of go across the board a little bit. I like to dabble with horror, thriller fantasy, and I like to blend genres. I think that’s really fun. I’m also an artist. I do a lot of studio painting. I minored in it in college, so it’s kind of a little hobby I keep on the side and also a gamer. I love to game. I think gaming helps writing. You know, you can take a break at least to game and, like, clear your mind a little bit and then also it kind of just creatively. There are a lot of creative video games out there, so, um, yeah.

All right, so what are you currently working on?

Currently, I’m working on a young adult I would say it’s a horror fantasy or maybe a fantasy thriller. I like to blended genres, so I’m kind of experimenting a little bit with some Irish folklore, a little bit of darker themes, the circus theme, and that’s what I’m currently working on, as well as always editing old manuscripts. Editing is never done.

Now, you’ve been previously published by a small press, but it was under a pen name. Can you kind of talk about that and what made you choose to use a pen name?

I was previously published by a small press. So, my first book was Blue Moon. It is a paranormal romance about mermaids and I used a pen name, Anne Bourne. I think I chose to use a pen name because I was just a newer writer. I was shy about it and there’s kind of a stigma with romance writers. I didn’t want someone to look me up as Emily Field and that’s the first thing they saw. I kind of wanted to debut more as a science-fiction/fantasy writer, so I just kind of was being shy about that and I don’t know if I would do it again.

So what are some benefits for using a pen name?

I think some of the benefits of a pen name is that you don’t get typecast, so if you want to try something else with no risk to your reputation or the platform you’ve worked so hard to build, a pen name just lets you do whatever you want to do under that name. You can create a whole new identity. You can take risks that maybe you normally wouldn’t do your fixed genre that you want to write in, but I think if I had to do it again I don’t know if I would use a pen name. I feel like I was just shy about it. There’s nothing wrong with romance writing at all I think I would just own it and just be proud of the work and then it’s also less confusing that way. It was hard to build two platforms one for Anne Bourne, one for Emily Field, so I don’t think I would do it again unless I was doing something super risky maybe, but yeah I like the pen name. It’s a great tool to use I feel like, especially if you are really successful already and then you just want to branch out and do something different that you maybe even don’t want your current audience. Maybe even to read you want to branch out and get a new audience.

All right, makes sense. Do you have plans to continue publishing under your pen name?

Going along with that I don’t think that I will use my pen name anymore. I think I’m just gonna switch completely to Emily Field. Less confusing that way and also since I’m not planning to really write romance as my main genre I think I’m just gonna focus on one name, one brand, and one platform and there’s always romance, of course, I think in every good story.

Now unrelated to your writing, but this is one of the questions that I just love asking people, what’s one of your favorite books to recommend and why?

Oh, favorite book to recommend? That’s a hard question I think for any writer or reader. I really love Sarah J Maas’, both of her fantasy series. I think I’d be reading a little bit outside of my genre right now, horror and thriller, but I have to recommend The Gray Man series by Mark Greaney. His first book in the series just called The Gaey Man if you want on CIA assassin on the run being hunted by a lot of different people. It makes for a really fun, explosive plot and I think I would recommend it just because I’ve also connected with this author. I was fortunate enough to meet him in person and he was very gracious, very friendly and down-to-earth answering a lot of my writing questions, and I also think it’s good to read outside your genre that you normally would like to write or read. It helps you just kind of see other people’s styles and how to create maybe more tension because since thrillers and horror I think have a key element of tension in them and micro tension. It’s been really helpful for me to write my fantasy series with the fight scenes and just keeping the tension going, so definitely recommend The Gray Man by Mark Greaney. And, he has a new book coming out February 19th of this year.

Awesome, I will definitely have to add that to my To-Be-Read list. Um, so where can people find more about you and about your work, like where can people follow you?

Well thanks so much for having me and you can find me on my website www.EmilyAField.com My Twitter is @EAFieldWrites or Instagram @EAField. I love to connect with new readers and writers. Feel free to hit me up on any of those platforms. Thank you guys so much!


All right, well thanks for stopping by today, Emily. It has been a pleasure discussing pen names with you and all about your work. So, be sure to follow Emily. I will have links all down below so you can follow her and you can just support her and her writing. And, with that guys, I hope you guys have a great week and until next video, bye!

Until next post,



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