Liebster 2018 Nomination

More-Flowers-Liebster.pngI’m excited to announce that I’ve been nominated by the wonderful Jess Moore for a Liebster nomination! Thanks so much!

What exactly is a Liebster Award you ask? The official rules can be found here. Its purpose is to provide exposure for those in the blogging community and to provide readers with blogs that they might not otherwise know about. As part of the contest, I have the pleasure of answering three questions and create quirky questions for my nominees to answer on their blog. Without further ado, here are my responses:

Describe the most important book for teenage-you.

All right, I admit I’m going to get some flack for this one. I read A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks as a teen and loved it. I legit balled my eyes out, like, cried the tears of a thousand preteens at a boy band concert. I refused to see the movie adaptation when it came out years later because I knew it wouldn’t do the book justice.

What smell brings back great memories?

The scent of saltwater taffy reminds me of all the summers I spent as a kid in Santa Cruz. My grandparents would take my sisters and I there every summer where we would always leave with a plastic bag full of the sweet, soft candies that we would get sick off of until next summer.

What’s the most binge-worthy show on television?

just finished the finale of The Alienist which was bittersweet. Even though it’s only one season, I was hooked from the pilot and never got bored. If love the 19th century era and crime scene investigation, this is a perfect show for you!

Well, that concludes my responses. For my nominees, here are my questions for you:

Which fictional character would make the best roommate and why?

If you could live in one season forever which would it be?

What are some goals you’re planning on crushing this year?

Here are my nominees with some great blogs you should check out:

Elysia Lumen Strife

Daffni Gingerich

Douglas William Thurstan Smith

The Critiquing Chemist

Thanks again Jess for the nomination! To my fellow bloggers, feel free to participate with or without a nomination.

Until next post,



9 thoughts on “Liebster 2018 Nomination

  1. Lenn! These are wonderful questions and answers! Thanks you so much for nominating me. 💚 Please don’t hate me if I don’t post my own post. I’m rather swamped at the moment. I had an absolute blast reading yours though. Happy Blogging!


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