#LennReads – Book Review of Sinking


I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting great authors when I attended the Gold Rush Writer’s Conference back in May.  One author I met was Sarah Armstrong-Garner, the author of the Sinking trilogy.  I was sold when she described SINKING as a girl named Jocelyn who washes upon the shore of Ireland void of her memories set in the 18th century.  I loved this story and am excited to reveal my thoughts.

My Likes:

  1. The cover art. When I first was introduced to Sarah, I couldn’t help myself but first compliment her on SINKING’s cover art.  I seem to recall repeating the word “stunning” throughout our conversation.  Am I right?!
  2. The settings. Sarah does a remarkable job at transporting readers to the icy waters of Ireland.  Throughout the story, readers also experience the life of a sailor.  A trip to India allows readers to feel the vast difference of India’s heat.  This story will have your cheeks glistening with ocean spray, your hair whipped by the wind, and the taste of curry on your tongue all thanks to the great storytelling.
  3. The characters. The mystery of Jocelyn draws readers in from the first few pages.  She’s fierce yet vulnerable.  As a reader, you will understand Jocelyn’s identity crisis and find yourself torn on whether she belongs on land or in the depths of the sea.  Jocelyn also finds herself entangled between other characters and is forced to deal with other’s intentions for her future.

My Dislikes: 

  1. Thomas Corwin. Among all the characters that you will love this guy will make your skin crawl.  Sarah does an excellent job illustrating a stuck-up rich man who only cares for himself.  However, this character has moments of softness, most often when he’s spouting off apologies for his temper.  Don’t be fooled by these moments.  I’m convinced Thomas Corwin is Lucifer’s cousin with a handsome smile.  You will love to hate him.
  2. The ending. The only reason I say I dislike the ending is because I wanted the story to keep going!  I was left wanting more.  Thankfully, Sarah was kind enough to include the first two chapters of the next book, DRIFTING.  And good news, DRIFTING is scheduled to be released early 2018.


Overall Impression:  If you love Ireland, mysterious pasts, or beautiful descriptions, SINKING offers all of the above and then some.  Sarah Armstrong-Garner takes readers on a journey where the life of land and sea intertwine.  You will be left anxious to read the trilogy’s next book and continue the journey.

My rating: 5 stars.

For more details on SINKING and Sarah Armstrong-Garner, visit her Web site at www.SarahArmstrongGarner.com


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