For the Love of Updates – Part 2

It’s time for some updates!  There have been a number of changes since I last gave you an update on my life.  I’m happy to mention there are three big updates regarding my reading, my writing, and a personal update.  (Scroll down to Number 3 if you’re short on time because it’s my most exciting update. *wink* ) Let’s get started!

  1. My Reading. As part of studying the craft of writing, I’ve been alternating between reading fiction and nonfiction. I finished a fantastic YA fantasy book called SINKING by the lovely and talented Sarah Armstrong-Garner. I’ll be posting my full review of it tomorrow, so be sure to check it out!  I’m almost done with Stephen King’s ON WRITING and let me say, if you are a writer, GO READ HIS BOOK!  His life story is inspiring enough, and King discloses his tips and tricks on how he has had success in the writing world.  He’s named King for a reason.
  2. My Writing. My WIP (work in progress) for my debut novel VANITY is still coming along. I’ve made some revisions after having feedback from beta readers which has been such a blessing because it means I’m perfecting this story just for you, my dear reader.  Like any investment, editors can be pricey, so I’ve been working extra in my daytime job to save money to send my story to an editor for review.  I’m hopeful I’ll have the means to send my manuscript to an editor this coming fall.  Once I get my manuscript back and make some revisions, it will be my turn to brave the query trenches… DUH – DUH – DUH!  In the meantime, I’ve also been gearing up for attempting NaNoWriMo this November for the first time.  (Feel free to join me!) I’ll be blogging throughout my experience to let you know how it goes.
  3. A Personal Update. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  I figured this would be the best way to tell you my exciting news…


Yay!  My family and I are so excited for this bundle of joy.  After our loss last October, I struggled with patience and wondered if our clan was complete.  It was a reminder that sometimes you can do everything right and things can still end up wrong.  I was also reminded that holding onto hope can bring us experiences that supersede our well-thought-out plans.


What have you been up to?  Any personal updates to share?  Let me know in the comment section.

Until next post,



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