National Poetry Month 2017

April is here which means not only is it spring, but it’s time to celebrate National Poetry Month!  I particularly enjoy this month because of the nostalgia that poetry brings to me.  As a teenager and into my college years instead of doodling on the margins of my lectures notes I was busy writing poems.  These lines of poetic texts were for my eyes only to see.  You can imagine my embarrassment when someone asked to copy my lecture notes… Now that I consider it selfish to keep my work a secret I get to share my words with you.

I’ve recently been inspired by poets getting recognized through social media.  These “Instapoets” as they’re called craft short poems, sometimes no longer than a single line.  I find myself with my hand over my chest because their words have pierced my heart through and through.  Such poets like:

a r asher

rupi kaur


Aww, how words can affect me so…  🙂  As a result, I’ve decided to celebrate this month by writing my own one-line poetry to share with you.  Beginning tomorrow I will be posting my own poetic words, and I challenge you to share your poems with me!  I look forward to reading them in the comments below.  Happy National Poetry Month!


Until next post,



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