What is Fantasy?


She calls my name from afar, yet I feel her under my skin.  My heart swells at the sight of her long braided hair draped over her smooth, supple skin.  Her eyes change from icy blue to deep amber to colors I’ve never seen before, changing as her mood suits her.  Each step she takes is accompanied with harps, lyres, and flutes.  It’s not until she’s running do the trumpets sound and the war drum’s beat thumps in my chest.  Viewing her in all her splendor makes me believe I can do anything and be whoever I claim.  She is a breath of fresh air in my smoke-filled life.  She lifts her pewter cup to my lips urging me to drink the mulled burgundy liquid.  I lick my lips to savor every drop of its sweetness.  It is then she plants her lips upon mine, and I feel our souls connect.  She is Fantasy, and my heart knows I cannot live without her.

Fantasy is often believed to be summed up as a knight on a quest to save a princess with the help of a wizard.  Once the dragon is slain the village celebrates the wedding of the hero and princess.  Sure, good — even great — stories have been told with this foundation.  Yet, this is a vague definition of fantasy.

To me, fantasy is imaging life without the limitations of reality.  The boy who dreams of defeating the invasion of cyborgs to cope with being bullied at school is fantasy.  The mother who envisions herself dressed in a sequin gown on top of a piano singing instead of belting out off key notes as she stirs dinner in the kitchen is fantasy.  We each dream and fantasize to escape the reality we are in.

As we age life tries to suppress our need to fantasize.  We’re told it’s unproductive, at times wrong, and so we discard our fantasies and focus on reality.  In doing so we focus on our limitations and excuses we make for not making our dreams into reality.  And I am just as guilty for minimizing the need to fantasize.

One of the great things about fantasy is the idea of being something or someone greater than you are.  It is why I am drawn to reading and writing stories about fantasy.  The hope of a hero’s quest invokes my hope to carry out my dreams.  I often fantasize about people being able to identify with my characters to the extent of living vicariously through my story.  Will it happen?  I sure hope so.  When could this become reality?  Not a clue.  Focusing on the finer details and deadlines isn’t what my fantasy of being an author is about.  Rather I dream of presenting books to my readers to provide the opportunity to fall in love with fantasy again, to take that breath of fresh air and forget about their realities.  It is that fantasy – that dream – that keeps me writing.

It is for this reason I commend you to keep dreaming big.  Don’t allow your fantasies to be minimized to, “It’ll never happen.”  Instead pick up your sword and slay all the trolls who are preaching doubt.


What does fantasy mean to you?


Until next post,



Photo Credit:  jop Quirindongo @ http://www.freeimages.com/photo/harnas-1480681


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