Night Diving – A Captain’s Voyage


Music permeates flesh, tendon, and bone to our intangible soul.  It breathes life into us, awakens desires, sings our heartache, relates to originality, and inspires our dreams.  Such is the case with the song below.  This instrumental song speaks to me far beyond any way words can.  I encourage you to listen to this while reading along.  Enjoy.



The waves were beginning to pick up.  We had been at sea now for no less than a month, but the days and nights blurred together so I’m not sure which is which anymore.  The sea swelled right on schedule, but somehow I know this night was going to be different.

With the moon only at a crescent, I could feel the setting being the perfect backdrop to the night in which I recall seeing her.  Finally I would look into the eyes of the creature no one has seen and lived to tell.  Studying maps and listening to all the folklore, I still believed.  I knew we were getting closer this time.

The winds were carrying on, and I was trying to not get caught up with the excitement.  Men aboard were quiet yet moving without hesitation.  It’s as if they too were trying to not let the anticipation get the best of them.

The thick mist began to cool on my seawater crusted face.  My chapped lips were begging me to drop overboard and drink the water below us.  Knowing it wouldn’t quench my thirst, I resisted the urge to entertain the idea.  However, I wondered, if she calls to me will I be able to resist her?

With nothing more to do, all of us aboard sat and watched the waves.  The wooden ship creaked as we trailed over each wave.  My men and I remained silent.  The winds began to calm, indicating the break was coming and we had very limited time.

My tired eyes wished to close, but my relentless search kept me going.  I could not give up and had listen for her.  This beast was all I could think about.

A voice hummed to me, drowning out the sounds of the sea.  Her voice was enchanting and soft like the comfort of a lover but as eerie as an abandoned ship.  The song made me dizzy and my heart swell like the sea.  She called to me and only I heard her voice.  I dared not to alert the others lest her song seize to continue.

“Philip!” As my shoulder was tugged back, I opened my eyes to see I was close to the edge.  She had almost claimed me just with her voice.  A part of me was disappointed she didn’t win.

“Thank you,” I replied to Jacob with a head nod for saving me.  The fear in his eyes was evident as he continued to hold my shoulder.

SPLASH!  We turned around to look for what caused that sound.  Our eyes scanned around yet the waters were calm… a little too calm.  “She’s here,” I whispered.

Still on alert, we held our stance and continued to watch carefully.  The fear and awe of her presence made us not want to challenge her.

Neil seemed as if he could no longer resist her and rushed to the side of the ship.  “Neil, no!”  My shouting didn’t delay his gait one bit.  He looked over and I felt uneasy.  Just then a dark monstrous tentacle emerged and wrapped around Neil’s middle.

“NO!” Before any of us could react, Neil was gone, swallowed in the sea.  Panicked, we grabbed our spears and readied ourselves for the inevitable attack.  Claiming one man’s soul just whets her appetite.

Without further delay, two more tentacles emerged as they attempted to get more men.  Panic began to erupt as we all tried to save the man next to us, yet her message was clear, “I will consume you all…”

Spear after spear was thrust into her dark scales, but each tentacle twisted and turned, snapping our spears like toothpicks.  Ropes tried to contain her, but she trampled them like blades of grass.  I ran to assist others, disregarding my own safety.  Seeing the chaos and number of remaining men dwindling, I continued to dart around like a school of scared snapper.

“Keep moving,” were the last words I recall shouting.  Then WHACK!  I hit the wooden floor.

My head began to swell, yet I don’t remember feeling any pain.  Instead I could see myself swimming underneath with this beast.  My lungs didn’t demand to surface, and I felt light under water.  I stared into her emerald eyes.  The beast had shifted to her human-like form, more beautiful than any woman I could ever imagine.  She was black as the night as she sang to me.  Her soft smile lured me in.  Captivated, I swam closer.  Long strands of hair whirled about in the sea.  I need her.  I extended my arm out to touch her.  Just one touch…

I gasped at the touch.  Her seemingly soft skin was but thick scales.  I withdrew my hand to notice she was no longer human like and her true form was showing.  The beast was bigger than I had imagined.  Her long hair was now replaced with tentacles and a smile bearing sharp rigid fangs.  For the first time I struggled to breathe as I felt her muscled tentacles begin to crush me.  She opened her mouth, ready to devour me as I struggled to break free.  Her laugh was haunting as she drew me in.  The lack of oxygen was making me begin to slip away from reality.  I closed my eyes ready to accept my death.  Before she could devour me, she whipped her head back as she let out an agonizing scream.  Feeling her grip loosen, I somehow managed to ascend to the water’s surface.  After taking a breath at last, I can only remember floating on my back acknowledging the sea as my casket.

“GET UP!” I opened my eyes to see Jacob over me.  White-knuckled hands stopped shaking me when I began to show consciousness.  The wind had picked up again, and the panic seemed to be gone — instead it was replaced with sorrow.

“Where are the others?!” I asked, but it was a question I already knew the answer to.

Between sobs, Jacob replied, “Gone.  All gone.”  He hung his head low.  “She took all of them.”  Then he embraced me tight.  I embraced him with the comfort of being the only other human being to survive her presence.  What others considered a triumph, our now empty ship considered it all a loss.

We continued to sail on with heavy hearts.  I cursed myself for letting my obsession lead to the death of too many men.  This devastation beckoned me to reconsider my voyages out on the sea.  Perhaps it was time to settle with a wife and have children and live out the remainder of the days I have.  The desires of our heart truly are not always what we need.  I still can hear the siren’s song and recall the rough texture of the beast’s skin.  Knowing full well I should hang up the sails and anchor myself, I know I’ll resist this wisdom and instead begin planning my next voyage.  I was too close this time to forget her and too foolish to give up.  Under her spell, I will continue my attempts at capturing her until she swallows me whole.

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