And So It Begins

Aww, the New Year.  It is a time to reflect, refresh, and renew… and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Through my own reflection I’ve realized an aspect of my purpose in life wasn’t being fulfilled.  For too long the voice inside me that urged me to write was being silenced by my own excuses.  It shouted at me to pursue my dreams, but I hushed it to a whisper.  Instead of nurturing my passion for writing, I left it out in the cold, hungry and thirsty, on the path to an early demise.  I wasn’t too busy.  I didn’t have writer’s block.  To be honest, I was scared.  I was scared to be vulnerable with my words.  I was scared of the questions, “Oh you write?  What have you published?”  I was fed up with the notion that being an author was of little value unless your work was transformed on the big screen.  It was an illegitimate fear, but it scared the hell out of me.  However, I also realized I’m the only one holding my potential back.  I neglected to use a talent I had and my stories would remain just thoughts unless I did something.

One of my favorite characters, Pearl Madison, (bonus points if you can cite the movie) said,

“You’re not really a writer unless people are reading your shit.  I’m an aspiring writer.”

That one quote pierced my ego.  A battle within me ensued where I struggled with whether or not I agreed with that statement.  In the end, my bruised ego decided there was truth to it and I was not a writer, not yet anyway.

With this New Year, I decided that voice all along has been right and I need to restore my passion for writing.  This year provides an opportunity for me to choose to share my writing, not letting fear stop me.  And to my fellow writers, I urge you to just write.  What will you do with this New Year?

Until the next post,



8 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. Taking the leap to do something you are passionate about, but afraid to try, is an incredibly uplifting experience. I am so glad to see you are taking this huge plunge and are conquering your fear. I am excited to read your next post!


  2. Nice blog! Way to kick off the New Year right – conquering fear. Super proud to read this, can’t wait for more!
    P.S. I’ll have to check out that movie, United States of Leland


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